What is Entrepreneurship?

Most people think that entrepreneurship is launching a startup and being your own boss, it has always been interpreted as the act of building an external thing, but what makes a successful entrepreneur is how they build themselves internally through their mindset.

At Youth Rocks! We teach young talents how to use the entrepreneurial mindset to build their life and work. 


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Key Actions of a Youth Rocks! Talent

Through the Act, Build, and Change (ABC) process, young talents would be able to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and implement the things they have learned in their personal and professional life.

ACT now.

The courage to take action and make different choices is the first step in achieving a different life. By stepping out of your comfort zone, you will experience real growth and discover new things you haven’t discovered about yourself before. 

BUILD for the future.

The process of building something worthwhile takes time, patience, perseverance, skills, and talent. Equipped with the right mindset, you are able to breakthrough and develop problem-solving skills when faced with frustration and adversity. 

CHANGE as you go.

The only constant thing in life is change, a great talent knows how to be firm with their goal but flexible with their plans and strategy. Flexibility helps you think outside the box and develop a diverse mindset.