Our Story

For the past few years, we were trying to solve the talent shortage problem in the startup industry by providing the necessary resources, toolkits, and education to young talents and matching them to startup job opportunities.

We have worked with various young talents and discovered a common problem they are facing. They have a vision of how they want to become, but they don’t have the necessary experience and confidence to execute their vision.

Our mission is to make entrepreneurship accessible to everyone. With the Act, Build and Change (ABC) methodology, talents would be able to gain a competitive edge by implementing the entrepreneurial mindset to reach their ultimate potential and thrive in their personal as well as professional life.

We believe every talent can bring positive changes to the world and achieve a better self by applying entrepreneurial mindset and skills into their life and work.

Meet Our Team

Dale Lin
Event Coordinator

Theresa Peng
Event Coordinator

Vita Huang
Event Coordinator